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Maithili comes across a very warm and a person who takes deep interest in understanding the minute details of the case and for us she has been an angel who gelled very well with my son and helped him open up for us to know many facets which we were unaware. I truly appreciate her work and she has bonded so well with my son and I do see a genuine efforts by her to not just work with the child but also guide us as parents on many a things.. good bless and keep up your good work 

Chanda ( Mother of Krisshna)

I visited Maithili in 2016 and 2017 for various issues. She helped me cope up with them to a great extent! She helped identify such instances where I thought I didn't need help, it helped getting a better and smoother perspective to those circumstances. 

I loved her way of counseling so much that I referred 5 people I know to her. ALL of them felt much better after consulting her.


I have been taking therapy for more than a year now with Maithili & I see a tremendous amount of improvement within me.The journey from being a perfectionist, someone who had given up on life after a closed one's demise & a low self esteem girl just out of an abusive relationship to an assertive & confident individual who is far more resilient towards things wasn't easy, but it was definitely worth it. I truly believe that I have come a long long way & it would not have been possible without therapy & Maithili's guidance. She is the most empathetic & a helpful human being you will ever meet. Also the way she puts things across the table with small logical explanations makes it way more easier for you to grasp information, helps you solve the problem by being realistic about it & eventually bringing in the desired change within you. Thank you for making me who I am today! I am truly grateful to you. 
P.S : Please make sure you do the homework given to you. It will eventually benefit you in a big way. 


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